Electricity and Gas Markets Analysis (EGA)
The department EGA is particularly concerned with following subjects:
  • Analysis of structures and price formation on electricity and gas markets,
  • Model-based investigation of energy and environmental policy,
  • Development of stochastic optimisation models for the assessment of the integration of fluctuating feed-in from renewable energies – especially wind – and its implication on system operation and grid extension,
  • Compilation of multivariate short-term forecasts of physical-operative and energy economical parameters e. g. for the operation of transmission networks,
  • Analysis of competitive processes on liberalised electricity markets,
  • Method development for the analysis of investment decisions on power plants and grids under uncertainty.
Head of Department
Alfred Voß (acting)rowIL[1](0711) 685 87811
Prof. Dr.-Ing. 
Special Groups of the Department
Electricity System Analysis
Electricity and Gas Markets
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