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Models & Methods


The development of models and methods, implemented at IER in the last years, represent a wide scope of scientific work.

Models Type Application Level of consideration
E2M2 LP-Model, Cost minimisation Electricity sector Europe
TIMES (german link) LP-Model, Cost minimisation Electricity sector, Energy system Federal States , Germany, Europe
LEMI MCP-Model, Profit maximisation Electricity sector Germany, Europe
LOPEX MCP-Model, Profit maximisation Supply of primary energy
(Coal, Oil, Gas)
Joint Market Model Stochastic LP-Model, Cost minimisation Electricity sector, Kraftwerkseinsatzplanung Germany, Europe
Szenarienreduktion Scenario reduction for stochastic models Supply of stochastic input data for optimisation models  
NEWAGE MCP/MPSGE-Model, Applied General Equity National economy Germany, Europe, World
PROFAKO GGLP-Model, Cost minimisation Planning of the use of power plants Enterprises, Germany
OSCOGEN GGLP-Model, Cost minimisation Planning of the use of power plants Enterprises, Germany
ECOSENSE Simulation model Air quality, Emission dissemination, Damage evaluation National, Europe
WATSON Multimedia Simulation Model Soil- and water quality, environmental fate, impact assessment National, Europe
OMEGA NLP-Model, Cost minimisation Cost-Benefit-Analysis, Air pollution prevention, Climate protection Europe
Methods Objectives Application Level of consideration

GGNL/NLP-Approach, Cost minimisation/Profit maximisation

Handelsoptimierung Electricity sector Enterprises

Regression, Neuronal Networks, Fuzzy Logic, stochastic programming

Price/Demand-Outlook Electricity sector, Heat demand Enterprises, Germany, Europe

Cluster-Analysis, Monte-Carlo-Simulation

Scenario reduction

evolutionary search for solutions similar to scenario reduction

Solution reduction