Einfluß von P&T und Abfallvermeidungstechnologien auf die endgültigen Endlagerung von Nuklearabfall (REDIMPACT)
Auftraggeber  European Community, represented by the Commission of the European Communities
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Abteilung Energiewirtschaft und Systemtechnische Analysen
Laufzeit von 01.03.2004 bis 30.09.2006
Aufgabenstellung des Projekts
Mulit-Criteria Analysis of various fuel-cycle scenarios.
Kurzbeschreibung des Projekts
Developing reliable and sustainable energy systems for Europe is the general strategic goal of EU energy research. One of possible energy sources can be nuclear power. However to make nuclear power acceptable in future, man must deal with spent nuclear fuel. This project deals with impact of transmutation on final waste depository.
Sustainability Criteria (Working Paper) Methods for Measuring Relative Sustainability of Energy Technologies (Working Paper) Quantification of the social indicators (Working Paper)
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