Modeling realistic air quality concentrations at European scale by benchmarking a chemistry transport model (CTM)
BetreuerDipl.-Inf Christian Schieberle
Art der Arbeit:theoretical
Beschreibung der Arbeit

Air quality models are complex systems that rely on external sources of information like emission inventories and meteorological data sets. Atmospheric pollutants are transported by wind and diluted by turbulence until being deposited eventually. There has been a profound and ongoing development in modeling pollutant concentrations at different scales of resolution. However, the model results are subject to uncertainty, limiting their expressiveness and reliability. Uncertainties are on the one hand propagated from input data and on the other hand occur due to different parameter settings in modeling physical and chemical mechanisms at different levels of detail.


The scope of this student research project is to benchmark the chemistry transport model CHIMERE. The goal is to derive reliable air quality concentrations at a European scale. This is in general done by comparing modeled results to publicly available observation data using statistical indicators and diagrams. Computer programs supporting these tasks are freely available.

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