Improving the accuracy of health impact calculations using high resolution population data
BetreuerDipl.-Kfm. techn. Joachim Roos
Art der Arbeit:theoretical
Studienrichtung:Technologiemanagement, Umweltschutz- und Verfahrenstechnik, Maschinenbau, o. ä.
Beschreibung der Arbeit

During an integrated assessment of emission mitigation measures, an essential element for judging the measures‘ efficiency is the calculation of health impacts. The health impacts can be calculated using concentration changes, concentration-response functions and population data.

In recent projects such as INTARESE and HEIMTSA, population data on a 1 km grid, stratified by age and gender has been developed, but only for several european countries.

The objective of the thesis is to generate fine-grained population data based on land use data for the whole area covered by the EMEP unified model and to evaluate the new population data by comparing resulting health impacts to results obtained using the current, coarse population data. To accomplish this, calculations using the EcoSense model can be performed. The methodology used to generate the INTARESE/HEIMTSA population data has extensively been described by Gallego, Vienneau and others and should be adapted to different data sources in order to generate consistent population data.

Requirements: Basic GIS knowledge is useful

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